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Celestite or the “Angel Stone” as popularly known, is a very high vibrational stone used to connect with Angel and Fairy Realm. It instantly increases the energy of the person and hence it easily facilitates in forming a connection with the high energy beings of higher realm. Celestite clears the energy of the meditator and holds his ground fair enough to remain stable in the presence of higher energies. It makes the body conducive to receive the healing effect caused by the higher energies. It make the process of receiving the healing energies easy and smooth.  

Celestite works at Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra thereby helping in opening of the “THIRD EYE” or activation of pineal gland. In India the opening of Third Eye is considered as an epitome of spiritual powers. It is associated with Lord Shiva who’s the ability to see the present, past and future with his “Third Eye”. Activation of Third eye helps in the development of intuition and Psychic powers. It enhances Clairvoyance. A person with his Third Eye opened has the ability to see and experience other realities of higher vibrations which are not accessible in 3- dimensional reality. Third Eye activation helps in increasing the energies to a level where one can see their real reason for sufferings and hardships and can find solutions to fix them. It allows the high energy to flow through body which removes any blockages in body and ensures it’s well being.  

Celestite helps in aligning all the chakras of the body and maintains a smooth and uninterrupted flow of energy inside the body. Body in the presence of Celestite is able to absorb such high frequencies which normally are not accessible. Celestite also helps in reduction of excess weight. It helps in removing the insecurities and fears and helps in improving the confidence. 

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 5.5” * 3.5” * 3”

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