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We Angels are everywhere- in form of humans, flowers, trees. We reside in your heart as your answered prayers. We reside in your Homes as part of the wooden furniture you make from trees. We reside in your bathrooms to hold you if you slip. We reside in your kitchens when you make food with love and concern. We reside beside you- to know your daily requirements, to help you with your dispensing of your duties towards your parents, kids and society.

There are no rituals to call us for help. There are No rules to contact us- JUST CALL US WITH LOVE N RESPECT and tell us your problems, your feelings, your botheration. We like your best friends will patiently listen to you and will help you overcome such situations in best favourable manner. All you have to do is to completely surrender your concerns onto us and your situations will become favourable within the shortest time span.

What is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal Therapy is the method of experiencing the effects of various Earth elements on the Human Body. The study includes the energy transfer from the particles of Earth and its various constituents into the structure of Human existence. 

In Hindu belief system, Human Body is a combination of the 5 elements of Universe- Air, Water, Fire, Earth or Soil and Akash. Human Body is the best example of the perfect and balanced combinations of these 5 basic elements of nature. These 5 elements combine to give rise to various parts of the Human body and according to their nature, they are assigned work inside the body. For example, the blood represents the Water element and haemoglobin (which carries Oxygen) is made up of Iron which represents Earth element.

Crystal Therapy allows us to understand the relationship we share with MOTHER EARTH AT MOLECULAR LEVEL AND at ENERGY Level. It is barely impossible for Humanity to think that we are separate from the parts of Earth’s constituents because WE TOO ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF MOTHER EARTH. AND every atom of ours is linked to every atom of Mother Earth. 

The same 5 elements make up the crystals through various methods, inside the womb of Mother Earth. We all are born of these basic elements and we all affect each other’s existence in a much profound way. Our Ancients knew about it and these crystals have found a significant role in lives of common and prominent peoples in every ancient civilisation.

Crystals or Humans or any living, the non-living thing on the planet have a basic structure called lattice on which the constituents of Earth mix in definite proportions and fix themselves around this Lattice to give a form of the current being. In case of Humans, this Lattice is called Skeleton and Crystals have 7 or more Internal Structures or Lattices, on whose pattern different compounds arrange themselves to give rise to crystal kingdom of numerous colours, shapes and sizes.

Welcome to our world and we will be very happy to join you. 

Angel Blessings 

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