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This is a Set of 9 Rose quartz generators pencils of size ranging from 3inches in length to 2 inches. These pencils are used in Grid Formation or simple manifestation process used by Healers and Readers. 

Rose Quartz is known for bringing love in one’s life- making it a hub of joy, laughter and happiness. It is a crystal of Unconditional Love and Infinite Peace. It restores trust and harmony. 

Rose Quartz is a finest Healer. It is excellent in case of trauma and crisis. It helps in releasing long term suppressed emotions or thoughts in most subtle and acceptable manner. It soothes internal pain and heals Deprivation. 

Rose Quartz gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with positive loving vibes. It enhances positive affirmations and helps in restoring Trust and Harmony. 

Rose Quartz brings love in your life as it teaches how to love yourself, specially if your have thought yourself to be undeserving of honest love or UNLOVABLE! Its difficult to receive love  from others or give love to them unless we love ourself enough - Rose Quartz brings respect and acceptance for our own being. 

If you have never received love then Rose Quartz opens your heart to become receptive and if you have love and lost, then it brings comforts and reduces the grief. It also helps in releasing unexpressed emotions and heartaches. It soothes internal pain and heals deprivation. 

Rose Quartz helps in healing the physical heart and circulatory systems. When places on thymus, it aids Chest and Lung problems. It also heals kidneys and adrenals. In some part of country its elixir is known to smoothens the complexion. 

Weight 80gm [approx]
Dimensions Lengths between 2” -3” Diameter 1” approx

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