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This is a Natural Coral Crystal being extracted from the shores of Andaman & Nicobar Islands of India. Corals once part of vast oceans , stores within them a vast amount of energy. This energy is far more than enough for calming the anger of a whole city. This energy is the energy of water-  capable of formation of new and equally capable of destruction of old.  

Coral helps in sabotaging old habits that are of now no use and it helps in experiencing & embracing new changes in life. 

Corals helps to calm the force of anger within us . It teaches to store our energy in form of coiled spring wire so that at time of need this energy can turn into a powerful action. It encourages to be patient and self - disciplined.  

It makes us aware of our underlying wisdom and hidden capabilities, when used at right time can bring massive changes in the course of our lives.  

Corals helps in team building activities. It brings harmony and peace among members of a group in a company or at home. It makes every member of the community understand the importance of sharing and teaches mutual respect is the basis of Love, Peace and Harmony. 

These corals were once alive with life beaming in them and after completion of their life cycle were settled at the sea bed for thousands of years. Hence these are said to contain lot of knowledge and wisdom within themselves which can be harnessed today in understanding the changes in life patterns. It brings balance and provide motivation to explore new opportunities when current conditions seems to be falling apart. It gives a message that old has to go away to give way to new.

Weight 510gm
Dimensions 11” * 5” * 3”

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