Angels and Their Healing


We Angels are everywhere- in form of humans, flowers, trees. We reside in your heart as your answered prayers. We reside in your Homes as part of the wooden furniture you make from trees. We reside in your bathrooms to hold you if you slip. We reside in your kitchens when you make food with love and concern. We reside beside you- to know your daily requirements, to help you with your dispensing of your duties towards your parents, kids and society.


There are no rituals to call us for help. There are No rules to contact us- JUST CALL US WITH LOVE N RESPECT and tell us your problems, your feelings, your botheration. We are like your best friends who will patiently listen to you and will help you overcome such situations in best favourable manner. All you have to do is to completely surrender your concerns onto us and your situations will become favourable within the shortest time span.


There is but one rule that we all follow- RESPECT THE FREEWILL OF HUMANS. We never cross lines which Humans have made for themselves. That is we never interfere in your decisions. Hence we always help you only if YOU ASK FOR IT or unless it is a life-threatening situation.



NO- There is no such place called Angelland!! We live just next to you- just beside ur Aura!!

Remember when you last time prayed for a clearing an exam or getting the job in your favourite company, we have always heard it with compassion and love.

There are a lot of small and big incidences that occur in your lives that are materialised with our loving help but you might be still unaware of it!



Love is what we are here for- LOVE for HUMANITY.

Our purpose of existence is to increase the awareness amongst you all that a genuine help exist near you. We are not far away in a different dimension but very near to you. We Angels do not interfere with the Free Will of the Humans. Even though we exist very near to and we are aware of your concerns, we choose not to intervene in your situations because we require your Permission to provide assistance and guidance. We are not restricted to any one or two religions but you can find our mention in almost all major religious text around the world.


There are 2 main categories of Angels:- Guardian Angels and Archangels 

GUARDIAN ANGELS:  We stood by your side in all your previous incarnations. No matter how many times you took birth, in whichever place on Earth, we have been with you always for your protection and guidance. 

ARCHANGELS:  We have been assigned specific work by The Almighty. Here is the list you might want to refer:- 

Archangel Michael- I am responsible for your protection against lower negative energies. 

Archangel Chamuel - I am responsible to fill your heart and life with God’s Love. Ask me to help you with any relationship issues. I am also a “Lost and Found Angel” that is I can help you to locate any lost item. 

Archangel Raphael - Dear friends I am responsible to take care of your Health Issues, all Physical, Mental and Spiritual health concerns. Call me whenever you are sick or feeling low, I along with my other angel friends will rush to your help. 

Archangel Gabriel - I am here to help with writers, lawyers, composers, narrators and all the artists in their creative writing.  

My other primary work involves helping mothers in raising their children. I especially help pregnant ladies during their childbirth, ensuring it to be safe and less painful. I can guide about the correct diet. You can also take my help in understanding behavioural pattern of small kids or teenagers and ways of effectively handling them. 

Archangel Ariel: Hi Dear ones, I am being sent on Earth to provide you all with prosperity and abundance. I am here to fulfill all your needs of food, clothing, housing and luxury. All you need to do is to ASK!  

These are few of our members, the list is endless but you don’t have to memorise every name. You can also recall by our specific work like for example- Parking Angels which would help you to find a suitable place for parking in a crowded place OR kitchen angel which would help you with your recipes or even dishes!   


Welcome to our world and we will be very happy to join you. 

Angel Blessings 


We angels communicate with you all through various methods such as sending scents as messages or showing you numbers in your immediate environment. Numbers as they have an energy of their own and we use this energy to send specific messages to you all. Example-  When you smell Rose, it tells comfort or encouragement while COFFEE  scent symbolises the need for meditation. Repetitive numbers like 44, 444 or 4444 reoccurring near you, signifies that you are surrounded by angels and are well protected. 

Angel Blessings

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