A born Intuitive, Ritu has taken professional training in Angel Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Reading Akashic Records and Reiki for enhancing her psychic abilities. She is a qualified Gemologist and completed her course in  Gemology from Indian Institute of Gemology, Delhi in year 2017. [Gemology is a branch in mineralogy that deals in study of natural and artificial gemstones materials]. Academically, Ritu has graduated in Botany Honors with specialization in Molecular Genetics from Delhi University. She then persuaded her post graduation in MBA with Finance as specialization, from Allahabad Agriculture Institute Deemed University, Allahabad. For 5 years she worked in corporate world in the field of finance and left her career while working last in an Danish MNC.

A natural Clairvoyant, Ritu’s ability to see things differently and an eye for perfection has made her stand out in her abilities to give Angel Card Readings and Channeled guidance from angels. She is well versed with the Vedic system of teachings. An avid reader, she has been reading “Bhagwat Geta” since her childhood. Her interest in scientific teachings of Vedas and her passion in energy healing abilities of crystals has made her enter into the field of Jewellery making. She says - “My dream is to bring awareness among masses about the hidden healing qualities of crystals which were used and respected by all major civilizations such as Egyptian, Indus Valley and Mesopotamian; and even today they hold those mesmerising qualities and effects that can bring a profound change in our lives”. The introduction of Energy healing methods of Angel Therapy and Crystal Therapy in her life enabled her to not only help her come out of her closet but also help innumerable people around her. Her journey started when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare ailment, which is still considered to be incurable and all the medical help proved futile. In the mist of helplessness, she came across these healing techniques which helped her daughter bring strength in her backbone that enabled her to walk again.

                                                      Her personal experience with the crystals have made her belief in crystals healing firm and strong and with great conviction in herself, she provides advisory services to her clients. Energy Healing methods touches the core of existence and when these energies make changes in our physical bodies - they become permanent. Meditations help in making changes in the energy levels in our bodies and thus regulate and maintain our physical and mental well-being. Crystals work as a catalyst as they focus the universal energies into our bodies while meditations, help in their fast absorption and act as a buffer by maintaining the required level of energy at a particular centre or an organ. Crystals have an energy quotient of their own and those who meditate regularly can even tap into their energies to gain stored information and guidance.

                                                       Ritu is blessed with the ability to read the crystal energy and give guidance based on it. Her ability to not only read the crystal energy but provide suggestions for correcting the imbalance of energy in our bodies is profound and accurate. Since childhood she had affinity towards nature and its constituents. A true nature lover she was always interested in collecting different types of stones and sea shells. With the increase in age her interest in stones turned into her passion of collecting crystals and knowing more and more about them. She meditates with them daily and now provides their guidance to her clients. Ritu’s other area of interest is studying the Vedas. She truly believes in the power of Vedic Knowledge. Easy to understand and comprehend, the knowledge in Vedas are just as useful in manifesting today’s need as it was thousands of years back. The Indian Vedas are written in such a simple yet interesting format that even a common man can easily understand it and apply it in their daily lives. This knowledge is beyond boundaries of borders and religion. Anyone with inquisitive bend of mind can explore and gain benefit from this Ocean of Knowledge. It is Ritu’s sincere efforts in making this knowledge accessible to all through her website and blogs.

                                                          Indian Vedas is a series of text that contains knowledge about universe- its formation and its constituents. It tells us the story of formation of our Earth, solar system and our galaxy in details. Not only that Vedas gives a complete description about the various life forms on earth and beyond. Human existence- its formation, its composition and its well being is all written in details in Vedas. Most importantly Vedas describe our relationship to Universe, how we are connected to universal energies and how we can make use of these connections for obtaining good health and healthy lifestyle. Vedas intend to help us know more about us, the relationship between our Souls with our bodies. It tells us the about our true nature - how powerful we are! But in today’s times we are loosing this power due to ignorance and lack of knowledge. This knowledge will empower ourselves in connecting us with the highest source of energy, making necessary changes in our bodies so as to enable us to retain this energy and utilise it as per our requirement. This knowledge is about our own hidden capabilities which when released could make significant changes in increasing our living standards by giving us solutions for many incurable diseases, by slowing down the ageing process, making our life span increase by many folds and many more benefits that humanity could utilise to have full control over their lives. To summarise, Vedas gives us the power to Create Our Own Reality. It enable us to write our story our way.

                                                            Ritu is making a sincere effort in creating awareness about this treasure of knowledge and integrating it with the power of crystals that can make a small but profound effect on people’s lives.