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A Jewellery with a Meaning

The Logo

    The Logo of Angels and Vedas consist of 3 parts:-
  1. The Lotus
  2. The Chakra
  3. The Sacred Triangle with Red Sphere

THE LOTUS: is the sign of purity and patience. It is a symbol of journey from lowest to highest level of Consciousness. All the major Eastern Religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism etc along with Ancient Egyptology signifies the importance of the symbol -Lotus as a mode of communication between conscious mind and subconscious mind since no spoken language is used at that level. 
Because the lotus rises from unclean water to blossom as a pure, uncontaminated flower, it is a symbol of purity and resurrection. The lotus also represents the highest level of consciousness when in search for enlightenment and purity. Lotus Petals are arranged in one of the Nature's Sacred geometries- The Fibonacci sequence or famously known as "Golden Spiral Ratio". The Fibonacci sequence gives rise to Spiral shape elements of nature such as flowers, sea shells and conchs. The Spiral geometry is considered to be the most powerful and sacred because of it's ability to give birth to living organisms, both in Plant and Animal kingdom.

THE CHAKRA: The Chakra represents the continuity of life. In our Logo the Chakra is representing the Energy vortex located in our body that are responsible for maintaining the flow of energy inside our bodies. This energy system in Vedas are referred to as "Pranic System". There are seven major energy chakras and numerous minor chakras which together regulate the flow of energy in each of our organ systems thus maintaining the proper working of various bio-regulatory mechanism inside our body. The names of seven chakras are- Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, The Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. These "Chakras" are the energy centers which are a part of a human aura. They are responsible for absorbing vital energy-informational particles of different spectrum from the surrounding environment. Chakras are like energy-informational routers that receive and transmit energy as well as information which makes it possible for us to interact with the surrounding environment (energy-informational field) and people.

These Chakras are connected through energy pipelines or "Nadis". There are three major Nadis callled "Ira", "Pingla" and "Shushumna".  Shushumna Nadi is centrally located and connects all seven major chakras, while Ira and Pingla run parallelly on either side of Shushumna. Both Ira and Pingla branch out into smaller nadis giving rise to an energy network of 72000 nadis creating an energy network across the whole human body. Wherever two or more nadis meet an energy vortex is formed giving rise to a series of small and big Energy Chakras stationed carefully to provide energy at a particular junction. This junction corresponds to the respective organs, muscles, ligaments and cells. Thus the Pranic System carefully distributes the energy from the largest organs to smallest cells. The Chakras are responsible for maintaining the well-being of every organ of human body and helps in maintaining optimum coordination between them.

All the Seven Chakras vibrate at different frequencies, that is to say that every energy centre is associated with an particular energy wavelength that corresponds to a particular colour. The Root Chakra has the colour Red. The Sacral Chakra is Orange coloured while the Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow coloured. The Heart Chakra is Green in colour and the Throat Chakra is Turquoise blue in colour. The Third Eye Chakra is deep Blue and the Crown Chakra is Purple / Violet in colour. The colours can be remembered easily as they are exactly similar to Nature's colour scheme - VIBGYOR. Being an energy centre, the spinning action of Chakras produces a particular vibratory sound. Sound of Root Chakra is "Lum", Sacral Chakra is "Vam". The Solar Plexus Chakra has the vibratory sound of "Ram". The Heart Chakra produces sound "Yam" while The Throat Chakra creates sound of "Ham". Third Eye Chakra and The Crown Chakra resonates the Universal Sound of "AUM".

3. THE SACRED TRIANGLE WITH RED SPHERE: This triangle with a sphere represents the “SRIYANTRA”. The Sriyantra is the most sacred geometrical design in India. According to Yogic science it represents the highest form of manifestation. The word “Sriyantra” can be divided into two words- “SRI” and “YANTRA”. “Sri” represents Goddess Lakshmi who is responsible for giving abundance and prosperity, while “Yantra” means a device. Hence “SRIYANTRA” represents the tool for manifesting abundance in one’s life. A device which is highly spiritual and scientific at the same time. This geometrical design is considered to be most complicated designs to be replicated. This picture is the 2D representation of the 3 dimensional device which is the representing the energy circuits of our body , their specific location and how they are connected with the universal energies. Manifestation is an process that starts with a thought which is properly translated into universal language that gets converted into physical forms of bounty and abundance. Sriyantra helps in focussing this thought and converting it into spiritual and materialistic gains.

The symbol of Sriyantra is an ancient Hindu symbol comprising of Nine triangles that are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles in a web said to be symbolic of entire cosmos. These nine triangles intertwine or intersect at definite proportions and at specific angles that give rise to five sacred geometric shapes called Platonic Solid.

The Company

Angels and Vedas came into existence in year 2018 with a vision of increasing awareness about the interconnectedness between the Spirituality and Science. As Human Beings our well-being is a function of our spiritual body and physical body. To elaborate it’s definition, our lives is influenced by the material gains and spiritual faith. Material gains includes all the items that we gather to sustain our livelihood to live an respectable lifestyle while the inner happiness and mental peace comes with our connection with the supreme creator. Physical-Self gets satisfied with the material gains and our Higher-Self gets it’s share of satisfaction from it’s connection with universal energy of Supreme Creator. Our happiness depends on the balance we maintain between physical-self and higher-self. In this process of attaining materialistic gains as well as gaining knowledge about energy processes, crystals play a very significant role. They are a gift from Mother Earth which helps in acquiring our desired gifts from nature and they also help in increasing our energies to a level where we can sense our connection with the universal energies and maintain it.

It is a sincere effort from Angels and Vedas in providing these crystals in most beautiful designs that are in some ways reflecting the very concept of connection with the universe. The designs , colour combinations and choice of crystals have been made in such a manner the every single jewellery piece helps in attaining either one or more than one materialistic desire along with a hidden way to connect with the universe. These crystals have been procured from all parts of world, duly tested for their purity and assembled in a fashion that suits your very requirement of maintaining a balance between your materialistic desires and spiritual quest. Angels and Vedas have pioneered in integrating the concept of beauty with spirituality in India. We have made sincere efforts in combining the beauty of nature with their power of manifestation and healing. The healing effect of every crystal is unique and they help us in giving a healthy body, mind and soul.

The Members of the Company


Acharya Chitra Srivastava was born in a very religious family in the holy city of Allahabad [India] . Her mother was a great devotee of Goddess Vindhyavasini and she was also Goddess’s medium who had spent her lifetime giving and spreading her messages.

Acharya Chitra Srivastava has done her formal studies in Astrology in year 1998 from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan and secured the master’s degree of “Acharya”. She had pursued her further degree in same subject and finished her PhD under the guidance of HOD of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan- Dr. K.N. Rao who is one of the esteemed and renowned Astrologers of India.

Since then she had studied many other related subjects such as Reiki, Angel Therapy, Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Being a natural Intuitive and Clairvoyant, her ability in sensing energies is outstanding. She uses this ability in detecting the lower energy areas in home or office spaces and suggest remedies in making a perfect balance of energies that could ensure bringing peace and prosperity amongst it’s residents.

Acharya Chitra Srivastava has been practising Astrology since two decades and has helped numerous people of all age groups for various aspects, for example she has helped couples in restoring their relationships, she has helped children in developing focus in their studies and improve upon their results, she has also helped many unemployed people obtain jobs etc to name a few.. With her knowledge in Reiki, she has been able to make many positive changes in lives of many people in various other spheres of their lives. With use of simple techniques of Astrology and Reiki, she has made considerably big difference in the lives of people seeking help.

Acharya Chitra Srivastava also holds classes for teaching basics in Astrology and Reiki. She regularly holds repeat classes for practising the concepts and for discussing various case studies.

She gives personal reading on prior appointments. She can be approached at +91 9911941142; and chitrasrivastava04@gmail.com

The Members of the Company


Born in a joint family in Lucknow, Ridhima is the eldest of all the siblings. Her family has taught her to be sensitive towards human emotions and towards forces of nature. She is a born Empath and is very prompt and quick in identifying and understanding different energies around her. This was one her abilities which later lead her to study various Meditative modalities such as Angel Therapy and Past Life Readings, in which she has done certification course. Her journey has lead her to study other related subjects such as Numerology and Tarot Card Reading. Her interest in these subjects has increased her ability to give a combined reading with two or more modalities to give a detailed and accurate guidance. Her passion has lead her to leave her job as HR Manager in Government enterprise to practise these Healing Therapies on full time basis. Academically Ridhima is a qualified MBA from Pune University, India.

Her endeavours has lead her to start an initiation wherein she has been helping poor woman in making scented candles which she later energises them with help of her Angels. These candles help these poor woman in making them self reliant and self - sufficient while it helps others to consecrate their homes and offices with high energy. These candles are also used for Angel Invocations and producing a calming effect on clients while undergoing past life regressions sessions and Chakra Clearing Sessions. When kept in homes, these candles can transmute the lower and negative energies into positive and high vibrational energies. These candles are made to integrate the right Colour and fragrance that is associated with each Chakra and with specific Angel, when used along with meditations it can prove helpful in clearing the Energy Store Houses / Chakras located on our body which regulate the flow of energy in our body and this process is responsible for maintaining our good health and vibrations. Ridhima can be personally contacted at rituridhima@gmail.com

The Members of the Company


Akriti is a born clairvoyant. She has been a empath since childhood and is very sensitive towards energy fluctuations in an environment. She has been receiving the signs and visions since childhood. She is determined to serve the purpose of her life by helping others to understand the messages they are receiving from the universe.

As a professional, she is trained to become an architect and currently pursuing masters in urban design from a highly reputed institute in India. For her love towards spiritual practises, she has learned Angel Therapy and is keen on learning crystal therapy as well. She has a deep connection with the crystals and other elements of nature that help us in our enlightenment. As a hobby, she researches on spiritual meaning behind different ancient structures and their possibility to speed up the process of enlightenment. It is a well known fact in India that every religious and non-religious structures were built as per certain esoteric guidelines- which is studied under a branch of yogic science called as VASTU SHASTRA. Having being professionally trained under the field of Architecture, guidelines come naturally to her. She is a keen observer and finds great pleasure in finding the ancient laws of manifestation and connection with the universe being physically projected in these ancient structures. India was well known for it’s vast ocean of knowledge in each and every field of life whether scientific, administrative or spiritual. It is her ability to use this knowledge and see these structures in different light, & learns these esoteric wisdom directly from the concepts used in the past. She seeks law of attraction for her major life endeavours. Absolutely fond of meditation, she practises it dedicatedly to increase her psychic powers and strengthen her connection with universe. She practices Light Body Activation and Seven Chakras Meditation. For a personal Angel Card Reading, Akriti can be reached at akritisri@gmail.com